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Our Tea makes a difference...

  • We only use the freshest, organic herbs, which are extraordinarily flavorful and aromatic!
  • Light of Ayurveda is a unique place where you can find bulk brew teas - you can combine a dose of herbs and water to your likeing by using a strainer!
  • Our teas are made following ancient healing ayurvedic recepies ....
  • Our teas are made in small batches / or made to order

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Free delivery around Long Beach and San Pedro area.

+ Free delivery for 5 Tea bags or more... (1 bag of loose tea = for 30-40 cups/servings)

Feeling Good Flower Tea

The benefits of drinking Tea

Tea can be extremely powerful for you and some even suggest it has anti-cancer properties. Loaded with anti-oxidants that protect against free radicals, studies suggest that 4-6 cups a day may help protect against gastric, esophageal, skin cancers...


Become Immune

Other studies suggest it strengthens your immune system overall. Researchers found that those who drank tea on a regular basis had more nutrients and immune system activity in their blood stream.

Herbal Tea means - No Caffeine!

Our flavorful, tasty, colorful, fresh Organic Herbal tea

will fill your Body and Soul!


Better Hydration

While drinking anything hot can adversely affect hydration, tea is the best amongst them all. Other hot drinks, like coffee, have too much caffeine (a diuretic) which makes us urinate more often. That said, when drinking tea, you’ll retain more of that liquid and keep your body better hydrated.

Low Calorie, Better Metabolism

As long as you go easy on the sweetener or milk, tea is a wonderfully low- calorie drink. Tea has been shown to increase your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll actually burn more calories throughout the day. Without a doubt, tea is an excellent companion in any diet.

Organic Herbal Teas
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